The saga of a mercenary company as they strive to become a beacon of light in a dark and hopeless world.

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Book I: Second Chances

The prologue book, wherein the first few members of Steelshod begin to come together.

One: A Strange Land

Two: Thief

Three: A Good Life

Four: Blood in the Snow

Five: The Blackened Shield

Six: Cross-Eyed Pete

Seven: Testimony

Eight: Bored in Port

Nine: Anticipation

Ten: The Crimson Serpent

Eleven: Fair Pay for Honest Work

Twelve: Job Hunting

Thirteen: Night Patrol

Fourteen: Blind Ezra

Fifteen: Prudence

Sixteen: Pay the Price

Seventeen: The Beginning

Interlude: The High Priest

Book II: The Long Road

The company's first major job: a dangerous journey across several kingdoms.

One: The Priestess

Two: Escort Service

Three: Borthul the Great

Four: Faithless

Five: Civilization's Edge 

Six: Totem

Seven: Arrows in the Dark

Eight: The Underpass

Nine: Springing the Trap

Ten: Plan of Attack

Eleven: The Shaman

Twelve: Sleep

Thirteen: The Truce

Fourteen: Men of Honor

Fifteen: The Aurin

Sixteen: Men of Taraam

Seventeen: The Captain

Eighteen: Waiting

Nineteen: Alaina's Virtue

Twenty: Moving Out

Twenty One: New Friends, Same Foes

Twenty Two: Reinforcements

Twenty Three: The Guide

Twenty Four: Exit This Way

Twenty Five: The Calm Before

Twenty Six: The Giant

Twenty Seven: Downpour

Twenty Eight: The Small Siege

Twenty Nine: Sweet Robin

Thirty: Turning In

Thirty One: Rough Hospitality

Thirty Two: Back on the Road

Thirty Three: The Crossroads Inn

Thirty Four: A Quiet Night

Thirty Five: Fever

Thirty Six: The Factors

Thirty Seven: Coming Up Empty

 Thirty Eight: Back on the Road

Thirty Nine: The Drowned Bridge

Forty: The Cutter of Camarr

Forty One: Black Garin’s Gang

Forty Two: Journey’s End

Interlude: The Reluctant General

Book III: Sigils

Uncovering the secret dangers that lurk in the city of Yerevan.

One: Yerevan

Two: The First Clue

Three: Aleksandr & Alaina

Four: Hurry Up Waiting

Five: Smithing

Six: Interrogation

Seven: Chasing Leads

Eight: Bait

Nine: Confessions

Ten: Blood & Bone

Eleven: Scorched

Twelve: The Bayard’s Hall

Thirteen: A Simple Question

Fourteen: The Thaumati Cult

Fifteen: The Black Blade

Sixteen: Bound

Seventeen: Recruits

Eighteen: Steelshod