I am a person who writes things. I run a lot of roleplaying games and I have a lot of stories I want to tell.

Currently, I post a regular (but no longer daily) update to the saga of Steelshod on Reddit, specifically in the DnDGreentext subreddit. Steelshod is a mercenary company in a dark-ages historically inspired fantasy world that was mostly created through collaborative/improvisational roleplaying between me and two of my friends.

I also have a subreddit, MostlyWrites, which is primarily a place for my fans on Reddit to discuss my work, RPGs, or whatever they like. Check it out!

Steelshod's story is being expanded into a full prose web-serial here, as you have probably noticed. I will also begin posting other projects here as time allows.

If you enjoy my work, and wish to support it, you can support me on Patreon. As I meet certain goals, I will post bonus content for Steelshod, eventually even increasing to a twice weekly posting format.